Mid Kent Metal Detecting Club


Mid Kent Metal Detector Club was formed in 1977 and has gone from strength to strength.

Have you ever wondered about the history of your land?

Farmers & Land Owners, our metal detecting club is always looking for land to search as a club and we ask whether you may be receptive to allowing our club to search your land.

This could be a one-off opportunity to research the history of this area and provide you with an interesting record of any finds made.

We work closely with local archaeological groups and museums, and record our finds responsibly and in accordance with current Code of Conduct defined by the National Council for Metal Detecting.

Any finds of archaeological interest will be disclosed to the Portable Antiquities Scheme run by the British Museum and relevant authorities in line with current legislation and Treasure Trove law.

Any significant finds of value will be shared equally (50:50) with you, the land-owner, should they be sold.

Our pleasure is really in the discovery and being out in the fresh air, exercising and quite often getting muddy and wet! Very rarely are the finds of any value. Usually metal is only scrap or of interest only. Scrap will be removed and disposed of, which aids in tidying up your land.

Just occasionally the find is of some interest as a collectable and sometimes may have some monetary value.

Despite what people believe, metal detectors cannot find items at any great depth usually around 8" deep and thus holes dug are relatively shallow and they will all be filled in afterwards and usually they are untraceable.

As a club we would hope to visit the site for perhaps one or two days over a weekend at a mutually convenient time to you.

We would be grateful to hear from you.

Each Club Member has third party Liability Insurance specifically designed for Metal Detecting.

We also offer a free recovery service.

So if you have lost something metal and need help to find it. Contact us and we will try and help you.

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